Manicure Monday – Chameleon Flakes

For this Manicure Monday I have used my own nails and I can honestly say I am obsessed with my nails this week!

They are Chameleon Nails on a black base and an iridescent green to purple over the top.

Chameleon nails

The Chameleon flakes are added on top of a gel colour, I have used black but any colour will work. You can add as much as you like to get your desired finish. A gel top coat seals it all in place and give a glossy finish.

Chameleon nails by Grace Kingsley

Chameleon nails Grace Kingsley

The flakes layer on top of each other and look like tiny crystals. I haven’t been able to stop looking at my nails since I did them on Friday!

I got the chameleon flakes on eBay, they come in a few different colour ways and are simple to use. For a perfect result with your gel manicure I strongly recommend booking in with a professional manicurist.

Happy Monday!

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